Contributor Benefits

We offer a new model.

Instead of sending your work into the editorial void, you’re submitting your work to an expert team who will work hard to get your stories in front of a mass audience. We are also led by individuals with real-world business experience who are determined to find new ways to financially sustain quality visual storytelling.

And everything on ViewFind is optional. If you change your mind about publishing a story, you have control over its publication. If you decide to monetize your work, you can opt in to our revenue sharing program. If you're more comfortable simply showcasing your stories without monetization, you can do that, too.

We include you as part of our team.

Our editorial team of veteran photo editors and writers work with you to shape your submission into the best possible visual story. We consider you an equally valuable team member and want to showcase your work at its finest.

We help you make money.

We offer photojournalists unprecedented options to monetize their work.

  • 70% of licensing fees on syndicated stories
  • 50% of ad revenue on your stories

We are committed to creating continued opportunities for our contributors, whether it’s commissioning them directly for original sponsored content, working to secure syndication deals for their stories, fundraising to offer grants and other special opportunities, aggressively promoting contributor's stories on social channels, or referring them to assignment editors.

We’re selective, but not exclusive.

We only accept the strongest visual stories that adhere to the highest ethical standards so you don’t have to compete with noise for attention. And because we’re highly selective about the work we accept, we can focus our efforts to promote your stories and help get you work.

But that doesn't mean that we only accept submissions from the big names in the industry. Our readers are hungry for world-class visual content regardless of the pedigree of who produces it.

We’re Global

Our contributors are located all around the world, so when you join us, you’re joining a dynamic global community.

We understand the power of a strong team, and we invite you to join ours.

All this for free?

We don’t charge contributors to join. And unlike a lot platforms out there, contributors keep their copyright. Always. Delete a story from your account and we retain no IP rights.

Take a look at our beta site at to get a taste of what's to come. We will launch a fully-functional platform this fall, so now is the perfect time to join and become a member of our team.

Did we mention grants and other funding?

We’re also excited to announce three $5000 grants to support the production of stories about race. Submission deadline is October 9, 2015. Details about that grant can be found at

And stay tuned for plenty of exciting opportunities as we partner up with commercial and non-profit organizations looking for visual storytellers to tell their stories.

Have more questions about submitting your work? Read our Contributor FAQ here.