Do I keep my copyright?

Of course! By submitting stories to ViewFind, by default you only grant us a very limited license to display and promote your work on our web and social platforms, and if you ever change your mind, you can delete stories from your account and we will not retain any intellectual property rights to your work.

How do I make money?

ViewFind gives you options. If you want, when you submit a story, you can choose to allow us to place ads on your story pages -- for which we’ll share ad revenue with you 50/50 -- and/or to try to syndicate your story -- for which you’ll keep 70% of licensing fees. You can also change your mind at any time.

How will you help me get commissions?

While we can’t promise that you’ll get assignment work by using our platform, some ViewFind contributors will get commissions a few ways: we are already collaborating with both business and non-profit organisations to produce original sponsored content, for which we’ll be directly hiring photojournalists from within our network. Also, since our picture editors vet every story submitted to ViewFind, we are intimately familiar with all the stories on our platform -- so when commissioning editors come to us seeking recommendations, we can refer them to photographers working in that region, or with particular expertise on that subject area. We can then direct them to your ViewFind profile where they can see your visual approach and decide if you are the right photographer for the assignment.

How can I contribute?

Click here, or go to the top right of your screen to sign up and build a profile. Then you can submit stories individually.

What happens after I submit a story?

Once you hit “submit” our picture editors will run an initial review to determine whether or not your work is suitable for ViewFind. Once they’ve made a decision, you’ll be notified by email whether your story was accepted or rejected. If your story is rejected, we’ll try to let you know why it was rejected and make suggestions to improve the story. You’re welcome to try re-submitting a previously rejected story after you’ve made revisions or once you’ve further refined the story. If your story is accepted, it will move on to be edited. We have staff writers who can work with you to strengthen your captions and story summaries, and our picture editors may suggest re-sequencing or eliminating individual images if they feel it will strengthen the overall story package.

So what if I don’t like how you’ve edited my story?

When it’s at all possible, we try to work closely with photographers when making any changes to their stories and if your story has been accepted, you’ll have a direct line to a picture editor who you can reach out to in the event of any edits that you don’t agree with. Worst case scenario, if you’re really unhappy, you can always delete your story and we won’t retain any IP rights.

Are you going to be toning or cropping my pictures?

No! The only situation where we may visually alter your pictures would be for thumbnail previews or for social media (i.e. cropping to a square for Instagram).

I work for a newspaper(/agency/wire) and can’t monetize my work. Can I still show my work on ViewFind without making it available for licensing?

While we recommend you talk to your employer first to be sure of the details of your contract, in most cases, yes. By default, stories submitted to ViewFind are not available for licensing. It is only by opting in on licensing (and ad sales) that you allow us to try to monetize that story for you.

Is this platform only for established photographers?

No, we are interested in the best stories and we want to show the work of a range of photographers from emerging to well established.